You can find in our offer among other things:

  • machines for candy floss,
  • toasters, waffle irons,
  • popcorn makers

Our products prove themselves excellent for every kind of cultural and entertainment events, picnics, occasional events and at different catering points.
Owing to our long-term experience in the catering branch our products are characterized by high quality, easy use and reliability.

Through our multilingual internet homepage you will have an opportunity to learn more about our current offer and place an on-line order for our products.

Gastro Fun
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Maszyna do waty cukrowej

Maszyna do wyrobu waty cukrowej

Maszyny do produkcji waty cukrowej świetnie nadają się do ...

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Profesjonalne gofrownice gastronomiczne. Gofrownice wypiekają 3 gofry belgijskie. Najwyższa jakość produktu.